Confidence and Contentment

Confidence and contentment are two sides of the same coin; they go together. We speak about being confident quite a lot, but the virtue of contentment is rarely discussed. Without being content, one can’t truly be confident; and without confidence, one is usually never fully content.

I see a lot of people struggling with this. To understand this concept, let’s first dive deeper into the nature of confidence and contentment, in isolation of each other. 

Contentment can be described as being in a state of complete satisfaction and acceptance with yourself and every facet of your life. That’s not to say that one doesn’t strive to do better in their career or life generally when they are content. Contentment should not be confused with stagnation or complacency. Rather, individuals who are content with, and within themselves accept the people and situations as they are, remain calm under pressure, are highly adaptable and are problem-solvers who inevitably have a work-around for any obstacle they come across. Being content enables an individual to be in the ‘present moment’ which in turn gives them immense power to be able to consciously construct the future through affirmative actions in the present, which of course could be in relation to enhancement/ progression in any facet of life. Being in a state of contentment brings equanimity in thought, thoughtfulness in words, and full awareness in actions. So, contentment is not just an attribute or quality, it is a state of mind that if cultivated, enables continual enhancement in the quality of one’s life. 

Now let’s explore confidence. Real ‘confidence’ is not attached to or subject to anything tangible or quantitative. If an individual’s confidence is based on how they look, it will most certainly not stand the test of time. Age is rarely kind to anyone, so looks fade over time or change of life situations. Likewise, if confidence is attached to relationships, wealth, career, lifestyle or even habits, these are all subject to change. If one’s confidence is attached or subject to absolutely anything tangible or quantitative, that is not real confidence, it is temporary in nature and when that element changes or goes, that so called ‘confidence’ is doomed, lost!

Real confidence emanates from the core of our being. When we know and believe (not just say) that “this is me, and at this point in time, it is the best version of me”, such a stronghold of personality is unwavering and undeterred in nature by external events or life circumstances. Naturally, such a state is of both confidence and contentment, for only if one is content can such strength in confidence be there. That is why confidence and contentment are inseparable. When we reach a point when we are at one with ourselves, and require no external validation, that is when we can truly experience the state of real self-confidence and contentment.

This photo above is a depiction of Nandi, taken at Crystal Castle near Byron Bay. Nandi, in Indian culture is the gate-guardian of Mount Kailash, the adobe of Lord Shiva. He’s portrayed as being immensely powerful, yet humble; assertive, yet respectful; decisive, yet open-minded; always striving for excellence, yet fulfilled in the present state… Confident, and content. Certainly not far-fetched, once achieved and experienced, this is a wonderful state of being!