My Story

Hi, I’m Bhavik

I’m proud to be Indian by heritage, Fijian by birth and Australian by nationality. From a very young age, my upbringing naturally made me spiritually inquisitive and on track to be professionally astute. As an introvert, I generally kept to myself and focussed my energies on learning and applying knowledge and wisdom in daily living. 

It wasn’t until the start of 2020 that I developed a deep enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge and wisdom with which I live this journey of life. That motivated me to start this platform, where I can share my experiences, and help enrich the lives of others, wherever I can. I am a strong advocate for mindful living, unconventional thinking and embrace diversity in all facets of life. While my studies in law, human resources and mediation hold me in reasonably good stead professionally, it is my personal, spiritual learnings and practices that really make life a celebration, all day, every day! 

I started learning Yoga and came across Yogic wisdom when I was around 10 years old. Since then, I continue to learn and evolve through teachings of a number of spiritual Masters and mentors, appreciating over time the depth that yogic practices and spiritual wisdom provide in enhancing my continuing journey of self-exploration.

All in all, safe to say I am:

  • A Student of Life by virtue;
  • A Yogi by personality;
  • A Speaker and Storyteller by passion;
  • A Coach and Mentor by expertise;
  • A Lawyer by qualification;
  • A Human Resources professional by profession; and
  • A Photographer by interest….

And so the list goes on, as the journey of live evolves as it does for all of us. Through reading my writings, with gratitude, I thank you for connecting with me, being part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours! 

Life Credentials

  • Pranic Healer (Levels 1, 2 and 3)
  • Reiki Healer (Levels 1 & 2)
  • Art of Silence (Advanced Meditation Program), Happiness Program & Youth Empowerment Seminar Plus (YES+), Art of Living Foundation
  • Inner Engineering, Isha Foundation

Academic Credentials

  • Bachelor of Business (Human Resources)
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (PLT)
  • Admitted as a Lawyer to the Supreme Court of Queensland
  • Mediator/ Dispute Resolution Practitioner