Effects of the Moon

It’s always up there, sometimes it can be seen, other times not so much, but does it really affect us and if so, how? This was a question I asked myself a few years ago. Since then, there’s been a lot of observation and experiential learning on my part.

I captured this photo of the moon through a telescope on 25 January 2021. It was the 12th phase of 15/16 phases of the moon as per the lunar calendar. The 29th of January 2021 was the first of 12 full moons we will have this year. It’s quite fascinating seeing it 300 times more magnified than what can be seen through our naked eyes, isn’t it?

The moon goes through phases of full moon to new moon, referred to as the ‘dark fortnight’ as the visibility of the moon gradually becomes less and then from new moon to full moon again, referred to as the ‘bright fortnight’ as the visibility of the moon gradually increases in this phase.

Full moon day is of immense significance in yogic tradition. There’s method to this madness. It took me a number of years to comprehensively understand the impact of the moon on me personally in some level of depth to be able to share and write about this. Our body, in its natural state is somewhat ‘synchronised’ to the cycles of the moon.

You see, the gravitational effect of the moon, and the sun significantly affects the water element on Earth. This gravitational force is the key reason we have movement of tides across the world, that is, high tides and low tides. On or around full moon days, if you go to the ocean, you would have observed that the tides are much higher than normal. We refer to such high tides as “king tides”. Now you’d ask how is that relevant to us?

Since the moon has an effect on the water element, the human body is made up on average of about 60% – 70% water. The effect of the full moon on us can be subtle, but very advantageous if harnessed consciously, and with awareness. Part of what can occur around full moon days is that any emotion, or state of mind we experience can be more concentrated, intense and potentially deeper. So, if you’re happy, you may find yourself feeling happier; if you’re sad, you may find yourself experiencing deeper and potentially prolonged levels of sadness; if you’re anxious or frustrated, that anxiety/ frustration can be more severe than usual. Essentially, the effect of full moon means any emotion, or state of mind can be more intense and amplified.

That is why meditation is recommended during full moon days, because if any state of mind is going to be amplified, then it better be one that leads to growth and personal development. A calm and composed state of mind is certainly worthy of amplification.

Now if you’re thinking, “I haven’t experienced anything like this….” The question I would ask is – have you consciously observed your state of mind on full moon days? If you think you haven’t experienced the effect of the full moon, dare I say that’s not because you haven’t experienced it, but rather because you would not have been aware and conscious of it correlating with the moon cycles. If you have experienced untimely emotionally heightened states or perhaps as a result of an event or occurrence in your life, that experience may very well be linked to the phases of the moon. If you remember the dates of any such events, check out the lunar calendar to see if it was on or around full moon.

You see, we only tend to notice and observe things that we consciously look out for. To understand the power and influence of days of or around the full moon, one has to be conscious, observant and reflective of what is happening within themselves. I for one closely follow the moon cycles and as much as possible, try to align my beach trips to days around the full moon because I know my experience of meditation, or any spiritual practices for that matter, at such a time is likely to be more profound.

I encourage you not to take my word for it, but observe and reflect for yourself as to how your feelings and emotions can be transformed during full moon. Being in, or consciously inducing a state of mind (naturally) that is going to be beneficial to you or related to what you seek to attract more of in life is optimal around full moon days.